Warranty Registration (WR) occurs when a stock equipment is sold to an end customer. While doing a warranty registration all data such as customer details, policies applied and sales details are captured. The equipment is then moved from your Stock folder to your Retailed folder.


To generate the WR for an equipment,

Any of the above actions will take you to the Warranty Registration page. If you reached this page through the first two actions, you will find that some data is pre-populated on this page. These data are derived from the serial number of the equipment on which you are registering the warranty. If you go to the Warranty Registration page from the Home page, you will need to provide the serial number of the equipment for which you want to register warranties.


To register a warranty, you will need to provide the details about the equipment, end customer who is buying this equipment, sales person associated with the sale of this equipment and other marketing details on the Warranty Registration page. This page is divided into various sections for ease of navigation. The fields under some sections on this page may be hidden. To view the hidden fields, click on the section header. This will expand the section showing all fields under it. Likewise, clicking on the section header of an expanded section collapses it hiding all fields under it.


New Customer

This section gathers information about the customer purchasing the item. The customer could be an individual or a company. You can use the customer address in the address book of the service provider who has retailed this inventory. You can either select an existing customer or create a new one in the address book of the service provider, and then go on to select the newly created customer.

Operator Information

This section gathers information about the operator of the item, if any. You can either select an existing operator or create a new one in the address book of the service provider, and then go on to select the newly created operator.

Additional Information

This section captures marketing information such as details about the previous inventory owned by this customer, the market type of the customer, etc.

If the customer is re-planning/replacing his/her existing inventory, then the competition type, competitor make and model of the previous inventory need to be captured:

- Competition Type: Use the drop-down field to specify whether this inventory item going to replace a competitor’s model or own model. The options available are: Competition and Own Models. If you select the Competition option here, then the Competition Make and Model fields are enabled.

- Competitor Make: Enter the make of the competitor inventory previously owned by the customer.

- Model: Enter the model number of the competitor inventory previously owned by the customer.

Service Details

Under this section, select the servicing dealer from the available list of dealers in the drop-down.


Manage Documents

In this section you can attach binary documents, provided by the dealer. To attach a document, click on the Browse button to browse through your system for the document. All selected documents will be attached to the claim. To delete an entry, click on the option.


Equipment Information

This section captures details about the equipment on which you are registering warranties. You can view/add the following details here:

Policy Details

You can view a list of policies that will be registered for this equipment, in this section. All other standard warranty policies applicable for this equipment will be listed after the 1 year standard policy.


Major Components

This section displays all the major components associated with the equipment along with their details.

You can enter a major component detail by clicking on the and entering all the above information in the respective fields. To delete an entry, click on the option.


Marketing Information

This section captures all the marketing information, if any, associated with the equipment.



In the Comments field, you can enter any additional comments you want to, with regard to this warranty registration.



After entering relevant details in all mandatory fields, you can perform one of the following actions:

A success message will be shown confirming your action.


Once the WR is submitted for approval, the approver may either accept, reject, delete or request for more information. Thus, depending on the action, equipment may move to either of the inboxes present under the Warranty Registration folder located under the Registration/Transfer tab.

Request for Extension

Once a warranty registration is filed and the same is approved, the system checks and verifies that unit has a reduced coverage. If found so, it lets the dealer ask for extension as "Request for Extension."


The reduced coverage is calculated on the basis of the Delivery date and the Shipment date. If the shipment date is before the delivery date, there is a time lag during which the warranty was unused. Thus, the warranty coverage time gets reduced for the dealer and the below message is received:

Warranty Registration filed for item(s) [XXX].

Policies applicable have lesser coverage period than the stipulated period

Please go to Request for extension screen to get complete coverage.


You can view the Request For Extension page in the following ways:

The Request for Extension page displays the list of inventories pending for approval. The status of your inventory is displayed as “Waiting For Your Response”. Double-click on your entry to view the following warranty coverage details.

Action Buttons

Perform one of the following actions to either accept the reduced coverage or request for its extension: